Inspired by The Lost 100-Pagers and Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues, I've decided to create my own take on comic book covers. These will be all-original art illustrated by myself. Thank you and a good afternoon. Excelsior!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Darna... Soar!

Darna, the most popular superhero in the Philippines. Created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo, she was a riff on the Captain (Shazam) Marvel archetype... child transforms into a super-powered adult by saying a magic word. Although in this case, she also has to swallow a magic stone before triggering the transformation. Star of numerous movies and TV series, she remains popular with Filipinos worldwide.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Aaand... we're back after quite some time. Been quite busy during the latter part of 2016, still quite busy until now, to be honest. But here's a new cover to tide everyone over.

During the 1970's until the mid-1980's, Marvel had the habit of incorporating licensed properties into their superhero universe. They did a 3-issue Phantom series during the 1990's, but by then they weren't integrating licensed properties into the Marvel Universe anymore. If they had licensed the Phantom earlier, maybe we could have read a story similar to the one above.