Inspired by The Lost 100-Pagers and Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues, I've decided to create my own take on comic book covers. These will be all-original art illustrated by myself. Thank you and a good afternoon. Excelsior!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DC Comics Presents: Dick, Clark

To the best of  my knowledge, Nightwing didn't appear on DC Comics Presents. Dick Grayson did, however, team up with Superman back when he was still Robin. Also, I just realized that this cover features two guys who went by the code name Nightwing at one time or another.


  1. There was a World's Finest comic book in the early 70's that teamed up Superman and Robin. This was when they were trying out others heroes besides Batman to team up with the Big S. It was almost like a trial run for DC Comics Presents which started about a decade later.

    1. That was much like the early days of Marvel Team-Up, when they were alternating between Spidey and Human Torch team-ups, but then they stuck to Spidey for the rest of the run.